A report on the National Championships from Sully of the Rhode Island Panthers. The Rhode Island Panthers, the same RI Panthers in our league, won the chance to represent Rhode Island at the National Championships

Sully here

The SSWHL was very well-represented in the tournament

The South Shore League had 2 teams in the Semi-Finals in A: Assabet and Needham

1 team in the Semi-Finals in B: Lightning

1 team in the Semi Finals in C: RI Panthers

25 percent of the Semi's were SSWHL

Needham lost in the Finals to Minnesota
RIPanthers lost in the Finals to Cape Cod Black Dogs
Lightning lost in the Semi-s

33 percent of the Finals were SSWHL teams
Needham and Panthers

Also - The Cape Cod Black Dogs contains players
from the Renegades and Randolph

A tremendous showing for the best Women's Hockey League in the US


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