Hockey Related Businesses


TigerCat Creative Arts ( - Artist and SSWHL goalkeeper Chrys Cleary designs original animal logos for teams of all kinds, including our own Ice Sharks, Cheetahs and Black Ice!


Chickwear Sports ( is a great place to buy women's hockey equipment and women's sportswear.  Support businesses that sell women's sports equipment/products. 


Metro West Clean Gear Corporation (  The premier provider of cleaning and disinfecting services for your hockey equipment.


Play It Again Sports ( is a good place to buy used equipment.  The website includes a store locator.  There are a zillion of them. ( has all kinds of instructional books and videos on playing and coaching hockey.


For Goalies ( overdrive is a small blade that you add to your skates.  Interesting concept.

If there are any hockey related businesses that you would like to add to this list, e-mail Stacey at and I will be more than happy to add them.