Miscellaneous Hockey


PureHockey.Net (www.purehockey.net/links/) is a website of all kinds of hockey links, both women's and men's teams, hockey services and manufacturers. It's worth a look!


Ice Hockey 2000 (www.hockey2000.com) has a lot of interesting hockey related stuff on it.  It's the site that contains the pickup ice schedule for the Friday night ice in Groton and Lawrence Academy. 


CBS SportsLine Presents Women's Ice Hockey (http://web1.sportsline.com/u/women/hockey) News items and player profiles from the world of women's ice hockey, plus medical, nutrition and training tips for women athletes.


The Women's Hockey Web, formally Andrea Hunter's webpage (www.whockey.com) Canadian resource, in English or French, provides details of newsgroups, collegiate and international competition, and tips.  It has one of the best listings for tournaments. 


The Womens Hockey World (www.angelfire.com/oh/whockey) is all about womens hockey. Includes links to team pages, and to university and colleges in both the US and Canada with teams. Also has a poll.


Some History On Women’s Hockey ( home.clara.net/pittpens/nhl/othleag/womgame.htm) I found this webpage when I was just poking around.  Thought it was interesting.


Goalie World magazine (www.goaliesworld.com) 

If there are any items that you would like to add to this list, e-mail Stacey at  webmaster@sswhl.com and I will be more than happy to add them.