Rink Websites


New England Sports Centert (www.nes.com) - It's one of the rinks that our league plays at.

Hockeytown, Saugus (www.hockeytownsaugus.com)

UMass Boston Clark Center (www.athletics.umb.edu/clark/rink.htm/)

Nantucket Ice Community Rink (www.nantucketice.org)

Exeter New Hampshire Rink (www.neicc.org/clubs/exeter/ice001.htm)

Ristuccia (ristuccia.8m.com)

Navin Rink, Marlboro, MA (www.fmcarenas.com/marlboro/mar_home.htm)

Burlington Ice Palace, Burlington, MA (www.fmcarenas.com/burlington/bur_home.htm)

Brockton, MA (www.fmcarenas.com/brockton)

Anderson Park, Brookline, MA (www.townofbrooklinemass.com/recreation) - Usually opened early December through February. An outdoor rink.

Ulin Rink, Milton, MA (www.state.ma.us/film/feefree/ulin.htm)

Ice Works Skating Complex, Aston, PA (www.iceworks.net)

If there are any rinks that you would like to add to this list, e-mail Stacey at  webmaster@sswhl.com and I will be more than happy to add them.