Please Add Me To The Goalie List

The league maintains a list of goalies willing to fill in for another team. It is completely voluntary. If you would like to be added to this list, just fill in the form below, and you will be added to a list accessed only by team administrators. You must be USA Hockey registered to sub as a goalie in our league, but if you are not USA Hockey registered, we will add you to the list anyway, with a notation, in case a team needs a goalie for a non-league game.

Our games are Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons and evenings at the rink in Canton, Bedford, and the New England Sports Center (NESC) in Marlboro.

Email Address:  

Home Phone:          

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Cell Phone:          

Current Team/Level:  

Level Willing to sub at:
                Senior A
                Senior A/B
                Senior B 
                Senior C
                Senior C2
                Senior D
(You can select more than one level.  Remember, you cannot sub at a lower level that you are currently playing at)

Rinks willing to play at:  Canton
			   NESC (Marlboro)

Day(s) willing to play on: Friday

Are you USA Hockey Registered?: I am a rostered SSWHL player
			        I am not a rostered SSWHL player, but I am USA Hockey Registered
			        I am not USA Hockey registered

Comments/Other Information - 

Currently we plan on posting the goalie list as "Password Protected". In other words, you need to know a username and password in order to access the list. The username and password is given only to league and team officials/administrators. We are trying to get a sense on whether or not people mind having their contact information posted on our website for anyone to access. If you don't mind having your information publicly posted, you can check the below. Your information WILL NOT be posted without being password protected at this time, and we will not post it unless we check with you first.

It is OK to post my contact information on the League website open for anyone to view: