The South Shore Women's Hockey League (SSWHL) consists of over 25 women's ice hockey teams representing the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire areas.  The league and it's teams are USA Hockey registered, and consist of 4 Senior Divisions - A, B, C, and D, coinciding with the USA Hockey designation for the women's divisions.

This website was created to keep those teams informed about the various aspects of the league, and is hopefully a useful resource for players wishing to get more involved with women's ice hockey, in addition to a tool for the league's participants. 

The Bulletin Board section below will be a posting of all league events, and can be used to inform team administrators of meetings, players of available ice times, teams looking for players and/or coaches, etc. 

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COACH NEEDED FOR STORM 1 - Storm 1, a C Division team is looking for a coach. Most our games will be in Canton, Milton, and Bedford, with a smattering in Dedham, Marlboro, and Westboro. We hope to have 3-4 practices during the coarse of the year, most likely towards the beginning of the season. If you are interested in coaching us, you can contact

GOALIE/PLAYERS NEEDED FOR STORM 1 - Storm 1, a C Division Team, is looking for players, including a GOALIE for the upcoming season. Most our games will be in Canton, Milton, and Bedford, with a smattering in Dedham, Marlboro, and Westboro. Tryouts will be held Monday July 24 and 31 at 8:00, Rink 2 at the Nashoba Valley Olympia in Boxboro. Cost of tryouts is $10. If you are interested, you can contact Nancy at

COACH NEEDED FOR THE PUMAS - The Pumas are a C2 team looking for a coach. Just moving to C2 from D this coming season. Most of the team has played together for 3+ years. Our team performs adequately without a bench coach, but much more effectively with a bench coach. We really benefit from the direction and leadership of a coach. Practice ice in the past has been every other week in Brookline beginning in November and running until March. Team commitment to practice is about 60-75% of the team on any given week. Contact Dawn at with questions or if interested.




I am a Physical Therapist working at Spaulding Rehab. We have a sled
hockey program for both patients in our hospital and community members with
disabilities. These players have a wide variety of disabilities including spinal
cord injuries, amputation, brain injuries, stroke along with many more. The program
is run by a few members of Soauldings Adaptive Sports Program along with therapists
and many volunteers. Finding for equipment is limited and most of the funds are
spent on specialized equipment like sleds and sticks. The protective equipment for
sled hockey is the same as stand up hockey and that's where you come in. I am
looking to see if anyone would be willing to donate some of that old hockey
equipment that is sitting around in your basement. Items we need are:
Helmets with cages or full shields 
Elbow pads
Shin guards 
Shoulder pads 
Lisa Perkins (Sting )
If you have anything you'd be willing to donate please contact me at





The Skate for the 22 Foundation is looking for women veterans who either
play ice hockey or would like to play ice hockey at no cost.  The Foundation
provides free ice time and equipment for veterans.  The Foundation currently
supports a veterans' team (NE Eagles) that plays out of The Edge in Bedford, MA and
is looking to expand its membership by creating a women's team, however, women can
also skate with the men's team.
For more information on the Foundation and its mission, please visit
If interested or for more information, please contact Deb Elek at
or 843-813-1026.





I know I haven't updated the Gallery of Pictures page in quite a long time, but I have been taking pictures and posting them on Picasa ( - that's right, 3s'). I have been meaning to update the Gallery of Pictures Page, and maybe some day I'll actually get around to it. But in the meantime, here is the link ( and go poke around.

Sorry, there are some teams that are better represented than others. It all depended upon when I had the time to hang around, if I remembered to bring my camera, and which rink I was at (Canton is best for pictures, NESC the worse...the mesh all around the rink reeks havoc on the auto focus). Enjoy....


OVER 30/40 DIVISION - The SSWHL is considering the possibility of adding a new division where the players must be age 30 (or 40) or older. We would like to know your feelings on this, so just fill out and submit our little online questionaire. You don't have to be over 30 to fill it out. After all, someday you'll be there too!

Click here for our Over 30 (or 40) questionaire


MASS HOCKEY GIRLS/WOMENS DISTICT NEWS - The G/W Blog is now up and running. You may go to to subscribe. The Subscription box is down the bottom of the page on the right. (Important Note: You must be using Internet Explorer to subscribe. Firefox does not allow you to for some reason)

Important dates like due dates, meeting dates or important messages will be posted.

Also, the G/W webpage is up as well. ( If you wish for your programs contact information to be posted on the webpage and it is not already, please email both me ( and the web master (

I think we are going in the right direction here, so please subscribe!


THE SSWHL RULES COMMITTEE - is looking for input from it’s players. If you want to get involved and/or you want to be heard, you can direct your ideas/opinions to Steph at




The SSWHL maintains a list of goalies willing to fill in at goal for other teams when their own goalie is unavailable. If you would like to be added to this list, just fill in and submit the 'PLEASE ADD ME TO THE GOALIE LIST' form, and you will be added to a list made available to the coaches and team reps in our league.

ANYONE NEED TO GET IN SHAPE? LOSE A FEW POUNDS? Let me help motivate you...

Anyone need to get in better shape? Show of hands? Well, I'm one! I've already lost 25+ pounds and eager to lose about 20 more. I know if I'm going to continue playing hockey into my 50's - whoa...not so fast, I'm only 44 - I'd better be kind to my knees.

I'm an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. You've probably seen their infomercials:

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You can log your workouts into their "virtual gym" and be eligible to win daily prizes up to $1,000! I made a workout team called "Women Hockey Jocks".

I'm presently doing their newest DVD (not being released until January 3rd) called chaLEAN Extreme.

These are awesome, at-home workouts - very doable - very affordable - no excuses.

Check out my website and/or contact me. THERE'S POWER IN NUMBERS, LADIES!!

Donna Kinch

THE FIRST HOCKEY MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN!!! - I received an email from Charlie Solis who's starting a new hockey magazine. So if you're interested, you're welcome to read it and respond.



FORMER BU WOMEN HOCKEY PLAYERS Beth Smith would like any former BU women hockey players to email her at They are working on some events and involvment for the upcoming women's varsity program.



Never played hockey before? Looking to join a beginning hockey team? Our team is the one for you! We are currently looking for players and a Goalie to join our team. We have 1 practice/week and will have 10 games beginning in late October/early November. We skate at Conway Arena in Nashua, NH. For more information contact



If you're interested in participating in any over age 40 hockey events, contact Stacey at, RE: Over 40. You'll then added to an e-mail list, and will be kept informed of any plans to start an over 40 division, over 40 women's tournaments, over 40 pickup games, etc. This is not a commitment to play, only a way to determine a level of interest and to keep people informed. Please state your level of play and which events you would like to participate in...even suggest some of your own.


LOOKING FOR TEAM? -Our league is made up of teams playing at avariety of levels, with different "home" rinks.Some of the teams hold practices, some do not.To help in locating a team appropriate for you, fill out our form that we will then forward to the league. Or you can email me at, and I will pass along the information to the appropriate teams.

Volunteers Needed - to research and write the history of theleague (notice there really isn't anything there). Also, we need people to submit news articles, or to write thereown. If you would like to do write upson any of the games and send them in, it would be appreciated.  

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