Player Recruitment/Waiver Policy



There is a "gentlemen's agreement" among the team/program administrators that they will not recruit players currently playing on another team in the league, and that an active player in the league must make the first contact.  For the most part, the coaches/administrators in the league respect this agreement.  But when a player does decide to change teams, she is required to get a "release" or "waiver" from her previous season's team.  This is done to prevent players from moving from team to team, and leaving a wake of unpaid bills.  It is not meant to keep players from moving to another team.  A sample waiver -




To Whom It May Concern:


Jane Doe has fulfilled her financial requirements for the Chief's Women's Ice Hockey Program.


John Smith - Program Manager for the Chiefs





As long as the player has fulfilled her financial obligation, she must be given a waiver, and allowed to play for another team. 


The league president maintains a list of players that have an outstanding balance with a program.  You should contact the league president to see if any new players are on this list. 


You can find a players prior team by accessing the league’s players list on the ‘Coaches/Administrators’ page (see index).