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In order to ascertain your level, we ask that you answer the following questions. If you don't feel confortable with a question, just don't answer it. If you have played on a team in a different state, please mention the state and the level. If you have college hockey playing experience, the name of the college and the year that you graduate is helpful in determining your level of play. At some colleges, the level of play sometime changes drastically from one year to the next (ex. one year it was a club sport, the next year Division III). We ask for your home town (that's where you live now) only because we have teams from various areas, and it will help to match you to teams that are closer to where you live.

Our games are Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons and evenings at the rink in Canton and the New Englad Sports Center (NESC) in Marlboro. Some teams have practices, some don't, and the costs vary from team to team. If teams do have practice, the location and day of week will vary from team to team. If you definitely don't want a team that has practice, please check the appropriate box at the bottom of this form. This form will be forwarded to all the teams in our league, and teams looking for players will contact you directly. If you have any questions, or would prefer to have me forward your email without the form, you can email me at contact@sswhl.com.

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(You can select more than one level if you're unsure of your actual level, ex. check B and C)

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