SSWHL Minutes

July 16, 2003

Navin Rink


State/National News


·        USA Hockey will have state and national tournaments for women’s C division this year.

·        Massachusetts’ national bound state tournament will be held March 12-14, 2004 in Walpole.  Only 4 teams from each division will play in the tournament.  Play-down games will be held to determine the final four for each division.

·        The 2004 USA national tournament will be held March 26-29, 2004 in Rochester, NY.



Treasury News


·        All bills for the 2002-2003 season have been paid.

·        Approximately $1000 is left in the account.

·        League fees will be approximately $3450/team for the 2003-04 season.

·        New teams’ $200 buy-in fee and all teams’ deposits were due at the July 16 league meeting.  If you have not paid your buy-in fee and/or deposit, please mail it to Louise Cardinale immediately.



League Officer Elections


·        Officers were elected for the 2003-2004 season.  New officers are as follows:

-         President – Laura Bowser

-         Vice President – Fred Miller (elected in absentia)

-         Treasurer – Louise Cardinale (elected in absentia)

-         Secretary – Jill Depto

-         Scheduler – Jill Depto

-         Disciplinary Committee – Laura Bowser, Chris Stover, Roy Carlson, Laura Lyons and Mary Ellen Riordan as an alternate member



Schedule/Ice News


·        The season will start Sept. 6-7, 2003 and end Apr. 3-4, 2004.

·        Every team will be allowed 1 requested weekend off per half - requests were due at the July 16 league meeting.

·        A vote was approved to use Saturday night ice at 9pm and 10pm in Canton on weeks where we are lacking ice at NESC.  This ice will be added to the Canton contract.

·        Division proposals were voted on at the July 16 league meeting.  The approved divisions for the first half of the season (Sept. – Dec.) are as follows:


A                                                         B                                       C

Assabet                                                Boston Bears                            Cyclones

Lady Flames                                         Cheetahs                                  Ice Sharks

Needham                                             Fridays                         Nighthawks C

Nighthawks A                                      Lightning                                   Phantoms C

                                                Nighthawks B                           Randolph

                                                            Peabody                                   Ravens

D                                                   Phantoms B                              Storm

Black Ice                                              Prov. Lady Reds                     

Nighthawks D                                      Quincy                                    

Phantoms D                                          Renegades

RI Raptors                                           RI Panthers     

Storm Chasers                                      Stoneham


·        The Lady Flames and the RI Raptors are new teams that were voted into the league.

·        A vote was approved to allow the Wings to change their team name to the Black Ice.  They will remain part of the Storm program.

·        Preliminary schedules will be sent out by email by August 13.  Feedback is due to the scheduler by August 20.  Final schedules will then be sent out by email by Aug 25.

·        The divisions will be reevaluated at a league meeting in late Oct. for the second half of the season.  Reevaluation will be based on standings as well as game scores.



League Rules Updates

·        The following rule was voted on, approved, and added to the league rules:


Payments of the league dues are to be made to the treasurer monthly per the contracts signed by each team.  League dues must be paid in full to the treasurer by December 15 of the current season.  A grace period of 1 month may be requested by contacting the league president.  Failure to pay the full league dues to the treasurer by January 15 of the current season will result in that team’s suspension from the league until the dues are paid in full.  In addition, the league will notify the state USA Hockey registrar of said team’s failure to pay which could result in that team being barred from state and/or national tournaments.




Other Items


·        A SSWHL instructional division was proposed and approved at the league meeting.  The instructional division will be a non-competitive division for beginners consisting of practices and scrimmages without referees and scorekeepers.  The instructional division will use extra league ice.  A committee consisting of Jill Depto, Chris Stover, and Stacey Paicos was formed.  The committee will publicize the division, take names of potential participants, find coaches, and work out payment and ice schedules.  If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Jill Depto (

·        Numbers 68 and 16 from the Lightning and number 19 from the RI Panthers are suspended for the first game of this season.  These suspensions are being carried over from last season.

·        A scorekeeper is needed for Canton – pay will be $10-$12 per game.  Please contact Laura Bowser if you know anyone who is interested.



Next Meeting


·        The next meeting will most likely be held on the third Tuesday of October 2003 at the Canton rink.  Details will be sent out after the season starts.