SSWHL Meeting Minutes August 15, 2011

Teams Present: Black Ice, Storm, Outlaws, RI Panthers, ECW B, Panthers, Nighthawks, Nighthawks B, Cougars C&D, Ravens, Chaos, Hell’s Belles, Lightning, Shamrocks, Phantoms, Bulldogs, Quincy, Stoneham, Demolition Divas, Happy Cows, Pumas, Raging Storm,  The Pirates, Breakers, NH Lady Panthers C2, Bears,

Report from the Scheduler:

Cheetahs and Ice Devils dropped out; Needham is coming back.  Because of this Jill will have to re-do the schedule and it will not be available as soon as she thought.

Last meeting we had 46 teams; as of yesterday we have 43. No Christmas or New Years Weekend  games– everyone will have a double bye over those two weekends; the league will also give back 1 hour per week to Milton;  528 total hours. We need to decide now whether or not we want to give back extra hours (9-10 hours).  We could use the ice to sell to programs, or for our teams as practice ice, or to make up snow days.   There is also a possibility of a team joining for the second half.  Vote: to keep the ice.  Milton – no January 1 and 5 total hours per week


A: Assabet, Needham, Nighthawks A, East Coast Wizards A, Happy Cows, Lightning, NEWHL Stars, Renegades

B1: Bears, Lady Monarchs, Mass Chaos, Nighthawks B, Quincy, Sirens

B2: East Coast Wizards C, Nighthawks Blue, Ravens, RI Panthers C, Shamrocks, Stoneham

C1: Chaos, Ice Sharks, Phantoms, Pirates, Randolph, Storm

C2: Breakers, Cougars C, Demolition Divas, NH Lady Panthers, Nighthawks Red, Nor’easters, Pumas, RI Raptors

D: Black Ice, Bulldogs, Cougars D, East Coast Wizards D, Hell’s Belles, NEWHL Outlaws, Raging Storm, RI Panthers D, Storm Chasers

Be patient on the schedule – not this week. September 10 and 11 will be the first weekend, but many teams are playing in the Marnie Crook fundraiser and some rinks are not open yet so there will not be a lot of games that weekend.  Also, many teams (9) are doing the Darcy Tournament and asked for the following weekend off – September 17 and 18.  If any of those teams can volunteer to play Sunday night, it would help Jill. Otherwise, the other teams may be getting double headers that weekend.  The seasons ends March 25.



From the President:

The Ice Devils team is owed money by Elizabeth MacLeod -  so she has to be cleared by Laura to play for any team this year.  If any team is owed money from last year by a player, contact Laura Bowser.  Nick – is pursuing this with his team with the G/W Registrar.  Teams should seek a financial release from any new player who played with a different team last year.

Report from Treasurer: We won’t have the total amount due for the year until the schedule is set.  The September payment is $1100 and is due on 9/15.  Make check payable to SSWHL and mail to Louise Cardinale, 8 Perolman Drive, Marlboro, MA 01752.  Please note that $300 deposit was due at the meeting tonight.  No skating until the deposit is received.

Registration: No signatures needed on USA Hockey rosters if not going State/National bound tournament.  Judy will send out dates that rosters are due.  Everyone must have a current USA Hockey registration to go on the ice.  Send the USA roster or list of USA numbers to Judy before you skate. 

Girls/Womens Section Info:  The September meeting has been rescheduled forMonday 19th at 7:30pm at the Edge. Send rosters to Mark Lissner – 2 copies with addresses and 2 without; with check for $20 to Mass Hockey; $15 playdown application fee if going to state tournament.  Mark Lissner’s email is  His home address is 11 Coventry Lane, Woburn, MA 01801.

Marnie Cook – update: primary, resistant and inoperable lung cancer, ovarian and bone cancer; had surgery recently that went fairly well; her husband is still unemployed, we think he works in the computer field; recently her kids were given a trip to their first Red Sox game; free dental for life given to the kids; Darcy tournament going to Marnie; Fundraiser September 11: the last game of the night will be the 2 teams she played for: Cougars and Friday Eagles – all will wear her number. Shoot for Marnie has raised $37,000 – in Waltham at the Veterans Memorial Rink 7am -10pm. Shawn Thornton will be there from 12-1. Need raffle items.  Contact Laura or Janice if you want to help. All money donated goes right to the family for medical expenses or to help keep the kids in their home as long as possible (Marnie’s wish).

Report from Timekeepers:  Home teams should go to the home bench.  All players need jerseys with numbers; captains/managers must check the game sheet.

Vote for Secretary: CJ Johnson nominated and voted in unanimously. 

Meeting adjourned.


Minutes SSWHL Meeting July 14, 2011


Action Items for Teams:

1)      Next League Meeting is Wednesday, August 17 (probably at Canton).

2)      Team deposit of $300 is due at Aug. 17 meeting (if you don’t pay, you don’t play).

3)      Anyone interested in being the league secretary, please contact Laura.

4)      By August 1, all teams must notify Jill Depto about their preference for their home rink and, if desired, one weekend off request for the first half.

5)      If you can, please buy a raffle ticket to support the fundraiser for Marnie Kelly-Crock!  (described below)


I.  Elections

·   One of two VP slots was up for election this year, but after discussion, we voted to eliminate that 2nd VP position since it seems like only one VP is really needed.

·   We voted to create a new registrar position on the board which will be filled by Judy Sheldon (now a big job to make sure every individual and each team is USA hockey registered).

·   Judy will be stepping down as secretary as soon as we can find her replacement.  Anyone interested in the secretary position, please contact Laura.


II.  Treasurer

·   We will play 24 games again this year.  Final cost is not yet finalized but expect it to be very similar to last year ($4,500).

·   Deposit of $300 is due at next league meeting on August 17.  If you don’t pay, you don’t play.

·   Last year, some teams were still not paid up and Laura had to chase them after the season ended.  Final payment this season is due by January 1.


II.  New Teams

·   Two new teams were voted in at C1 level:  (1) Pirates; (2) Rhode Island Over 30.

·   New teams owe $200 initiation fee in addition to the $300 deposit in August.


II.  Schedule Update

·   Please send your home rink preference and one-weekend-off request for the first half to Jill by August.   If you don’t need a weekend off in the first half, please don’t request one because it makes scheduling easier.

·   Season will run September 10 to March 25

·   There WILL be games Thanksgiving Weekend

·   NO games December 24 and 25

·   YES games on Jan. 1 (New Year’s Day) but NO games on New Years’ Eve

·   No games on Super Bowl Sunday

·   There will be no Friday night games this year


II.  New Division Alignments

·   After discussion, we voted to try a new divisional alignment for the first half of the season with the goal being to have teams in each division more evenly matched.

·   There will be no crossover games except at the A1 and A2 level

·   The new divisions are as follows:


A1 Division

1)    Assabet A

2)    Needham

3)    Nighthawks A



A2 Division

1)    Chelmsford

2)    East Coast Wizards

3)    Lightning

4)    NEWHL Stars

5)    Renegades



B1 Division

1)    Bears

2)    Cheetahs

3)    Lady Monarchs

4)    Mass Chaos

5)    Nighthawks B

6)    Quincy



B2 Division

1)    East Coast Wizards Over 30

2)    Ravens

3)    Rhode Island

4)    Shamrocks

5)    Sirens

6)    Stoneham



C1 Division

1)    Chaos

2)    Ice Sharks

3)    Nighthawk C

4)    Phantoms

5)    Pirates

6)    Randolph

7)    Rhode Island Over 30

8)    Storm


C2 Division

1)    Breakers

2)    Cougars C

3)    Demolition Divas

4)    Ice Devils

5)    NH Lady Panthers

6)    Nighthawk Red

7)    Noreasters

8)    Pumas

9)    RI Raptors


D Division

1)    Black Ice

2)    Bulldogs

3)    Cougars D

4)    East Coast Wizards D

5)    Hells Belles

6)    Outlaws

7)    Raging Storm

8)    RI Panthers

9)    Storm Chasers


II.  Quality of Play

·   The League is about having fun.  Laura and others will continue to review game sheets and this year action will be taken promptly to discipline and suspend players who continuously get multiple and/or flagrant penalties.

·   Team coaches and reps need to control their players.  Players who can not be controlled should be benched or asked to leave the team.  The league has enough teams that we don’t need to put up with teams that can not control their players and do not realize that the league is about having fun.


II.  Referee Update

·   No major changes to USA Hockey rules at the senior level.

·   USA hockey is moving away from A, B, C level hockey for women and will eventually go with Over 30, Over 40 and Over 50 (similar to mens’ senior) – but probably not until 2013.

·   For now, still a C division for women with waivers required for any woman who played college hockey.  Waivers have been pretty easy to get in the past but they will be tightening up the process this year so it may be more difficult.

·   Nationals this year will be played at NESC.

·   If players have a complaint about the refs at any games, please send Bill an email.  He will do his best to respond personally to all emails to him or complaints brought to Laura.


II.  Fundraiser for Marnie

·   Please let your teams know about the fundraising effort to support Marnie Kelly-Crock and her family.  Marnie is a wonderful woman who plays on the Cougars in the SSWHL and is battling lung and bone cancer.  The jamboree fundraiser on September 11 is now full, but you can still buy raffle tickets for the drawing on August 14 – the prizes are great and it is for such a good cause!

·   One page flyer (see below)

·   Or visit the website at