SSWHL Meeting Minutes July 8, 2013 7pm at NESC                                                                          DRAFT

Teams Present: Assabet, Bears, Black Ice, Challengers, Chaos, Crush, Demolition Divas, Eagles, ECW B, Hell’s Belles, Lightning, Menotomy Rockets, New England Pride, Nighthawks B, Nighthawks, Noreasters, Outlaws, Pirates, Quincy, Ravens, Renegades, RI Panthers C&D, RI Raptors, Shamrocks, Sting, Storm 1 (C), Storm 2 (B), Stormchasers C2, Stormchasers D

Board members present: Laura Bowser, President; Jenn Devlin, VP; Louise Cardinale, Treasurer; Judy Sheldon, Secretary

1.      Laura Bowser led a discussion on discipline problems from last year.  Laura tried to look into every complaint, including complaints from fans, about bad behavior that they saw on the ice.  There was one team and one player in particular that caused a great deal of problems.  Comments from the teams included “we have been lucky that so far no one was seriously hurt”; also suggestions for more restrictive rules for suspensions after multiple dangerous penalties.  The league needs to have assurance from teams that they will be able to control their players.

2.   Elections: Laura Bowser was unanimously re-elected as league president.


3.   Treasurer’s Report:


Louise Cardinale presented a proposal from Nick Cardinale that the officers should receive a $250 stipend plus expenses for all their work for the league, and that the stipend for the scheduler should rise by $100 to $600.  We will vote on this at the August meeting.


We will have the total league cost for the year for teams once all the ice contracts have been negotiated.  We have added the Northstar Youth Forum rink in Westboro on Sundays from 4-8pm.  We are still waiting to hear what ice we will get at NESC. 

The suggestion is to not get any Saturday ice for this coming year, only Sunday ice.


The rinks are asking for payments earlier in the season.  The Treasurer needs to raise the August payment to $500 per team, and the September payment to $1500.  Subsequent payments will be similar to past years.



4.   New teams:

The league should be able to get sufficient ice to accommodate the four new teams that have applied to join the league.  At the August meeting, the new teams need to pay the $200 league buy-in fee, the $500 deposit, and the $150 escrow forfeit fee.  Any teams that used up their forfeit fee last year need to replenish it.  New teams must also submit team rosters at the August meeting with 13 players plus a goalie.


The following new teams were unanimously voted in to the league pending final confirmation that additional ice is available.

                  New England Pride – A2

                  Menotomy Rockets – D

                  Challengers – C1

                  Crush – C2


Teams that we have not heard from on whether they are returning for next year:

Needham, Boston Beauties.


      5.   Scheduler’s Report

Cynara Wu will send out a survey for teams to complete and send back ASAP on home rink and other preferences.  She is not sure that “weekend off” requests will work – all teams want the same weekends off and we still have ice paid for.  The Darcy tournament in September is one example, but this may be ok as Canton and Milton won’t be open yet.  Perhaps we can try to get less ice at NESC for these weekends.  There will not likely be many crossover games this year, except for the A1 and A2 divisions which are so small that they need crossover games to break the monotony.  There may be some slight opportunities for C2 and D teams to play crossovers.


      6.   Referee in Chief’s Report

Bill Paulsen explained that this is a Rule Change year at USA Hockey and described some of the important changes:

• Boarding, High Sticking and Charging – have been changed to Minor Misconduct penalties.  This means a 1:30 then a 6:00 penalty.  Someone else will need to serve the 1:30 penalty.

• Head Contact – if hands slide up from chest/shoulder hit to contact the head – Minor Misconduct penalty also. (Direct Contact to Head – still a Major with no changes.)

• Misconducts – If a player receives a second misconduct penalty in a game, they will be assessed a game misconduct (thrown out of current game and must miss the next game).

• Rules will not change again for four years.


Bill’s summary of last year: went well except for a couple of problems, also some teams just seem not to like each other.  Please don’t argue with the refs – if you have a problem with a ref, contact Laura after the game and she will contact Bill. 


7.   Registration report

Judy Sheldon explained that new teams need to register with USA Hockey, and if they don’t already have access to USA Hockey’s Cybersport software, she will create USA rosters for them.  All players, of new teams and old, must register with USA Hockey prior to stepping on the ice.  National bound roster due dates are October 1.  Please send USA numbers to  Signatures are no longer required on NB or any other USA roster.

Registration details will be sent out in an email shortly.



Next meeting: Wednesday, August 28, 2013.  Location TBD.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.