Chateau Bow Wow


#6 – Courtney MacKenzie of the Renegades A received a game misconduct for fighting in their game against the Happy Cows on February 19 in
Canton.  She receives a game suspension and will not be able to play in the Renegades February 26, 5:10pm game against Ice Sharks A in Milton.


#17 – Kerri Loranger of the RI Raptors and Meg Schaar of the Nighthawks Red received game misconducts for Fighting in their game on Feb 19 in Westboro.  Both receive a game suspension.  Kerry Loranger will not be able to play in the  RI Raptors next game on Feb 26 at 6:00 against the Nor’easters in Westboro.  Meg Schaar will not be able to play in Nighthawks Reds next game on March 4 at 8:10 against the Crush in Bedford.