"Give The Gift Of Life" A Charity Tourn. to Benefit the National Kidney Foundation

 Tournament Dates = June 4-11, 2007
 Contact Name = Peter Issenberg
 Contact Email = hpuck@thepipeline.net
 Contact Phone = 603-421-4320
 Website = hpuck2000.com
 Location = The New Valley Forum twin rinks Haverhill, Ma.
 Details = 

The Tournament dates are June 4-11,2007.
Net proceeds to Benefit the National Kidney Foundation,NKF. 
Cost is $750.00 for a gaurantee of three games,four if you make a final.
Please check my website hpuck2000.com for information.

I received a Kidney Transplant May 26,2005 from a fellow hockey player. I once again play hockey & Referee.
I feel Donor Awareness is key for anyone waiting for an organ donation. I hope this Tournament helps at least 
one person if not many find a suitable donor. I was very lucky; this is my chance to help others.

Thank you,

Peter Issenberg
H-PUCK, Inc. 

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